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A little about myself...

I can say with joy and happiness that I have an amazing life and I am truly experiencing life and all that it has to give.  Living my purpose of being of service to others as a transformational coach, living my dream, and seeing my vision come to life has been an amazing journey. I have created a life to live on my terms, enjoying life with my family and friends. I now have a deep self-love and deep self-compassion.

It was not always like this, I played the victim for so long and so well that I could not see myself. I could not recognize me, because I did not know who I was, so I put on a mask and pretended it was a wonderful life, but on the inside, I was drowning only coming up for air when God would pull me up. I realized I was wearing a mask and it was time to take off the mask and face the real me and show the world the real me. Thus, started my Journey to self-discovery. My mask has so many layers will I find the real me? after about 3 years with coaching and self-discovery classes, the layers of my mask was coming off. During this work what kept coming up was inner child healing, I had so much fear around doing this inner work, I would have to face all my fears, doubts, insecurity, and how to find Faith and Love for myself. I began to go within and find my authenticity, find my clarity through this I found my true voice so that I could speak my truth.

I work with entrepreneurs who are looking to take their life to the next level by stepping into their authenticity, by helping them finding inner strength to take off their mask. become accountable for their life, come into alignment with their passion and vision. I help them uncover their self-love so they can love others, an a Create a path to their Extraordinary Life.

If this resonate with you please contact me for your free getting to know you session

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