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Journey back to my Authentic Self

When I started my journey of self-discovery, I felt my trauma was not worth sharing. At 5 years old I Was taken to live with my Dad and my Stepmom. I thought my trauma was not worth sharing, I thought this as I listened to other stories. As started my inner healing I had so much pain around what happened. Then I came to the realization that if I was in this much pain there had to others who where looking for the same answers. Feeling self-pity, Abandonment, not Worthy or Deserving ,and yes, the VICTUM was is this always happening to me, I wish I had their life, I am not LOVEABLE, what did I do for my MOM not to be there. I sat on the sideline of my Life waiting for someone to rescue me, my healing started when I stepped off the sideline of my life and started to participate.

I am sharing my journey to help other step off the side lines of their life and create their Extraordinary Life.

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