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My Journey to Myself

Who I am hiding from?

The day that I looked in my bathroom mirror and I could not recognize me, who was that person starring back at me, I was young at heart but I looked 70 yrs. old, yet I was 55 years old, What happened to me? How did I get here?

I had accepted that this was the best my life would ever get. The Mask I wore an amazing it made everything look great and that I was happy. For the first tine in my life I had to face me, find out why I was hiding from me. I was in so much Fear around people not liking me, not being loved, and wanting to please everyone, most of all wanting to be perfect. I could have won an academy award for playing the Victim role: poor me, things never work out for me, everyone has an easy life but me. I was stuck in my egoic mind child like defenses.

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